Iced on the Mongolian Steppe ($10 per icing)

Iced on the Mongolian Steppe ($10 per icing) COMPLETED

OH NOES. Due to some (Mongolian? maybe?) technical issues, the video of Francisca chugging a disgusting Smirnoff Ice replacement drink in the Mongolian Steppe disappeared!!! We are very sorry for this, and promise that she actually did chug a whole drink in your honor and was then tipsy for the rest of the day because she is a terrible light weight. You guys are great! Thank you for donation.

Iced on the Mongolian Steppe ($10 per icing)

Donate $10 for the least clever of the Gilmore siblings will be iced* somewhere along the steppes of Mongolia .. and we'll post the video for proof!

*if we can't find smirnoff ices along the way, we'll replace this with an equally embarrassing local substitute




This FUNraiser is completed and no longer accepting donations

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